27 December 2011

The Sunny Side of Things...

Hello sunshine! We find our joy in the simple things like an old tiered rack of fabric balls,

or wonderfully worn (not to mention "so in") soft floral wallpaper

This one says it's fade proof - they were wrong about that one, but we're oh so thrilled about its perfection now.Oh, these make us happy! You can close your mouth now.Pour everything you have in to all you touch...Ah, the garden hat setting in anticipation for the great outdoors...wait, why are we already thinking of the flowers? We haven't even gotten to winter's cabin fever yet! Keep on the Sunny Side of things.....stop on by to get a fix-

....and for a very limited time stock up on all our Christmas items new and old...now 50% off! Hurry, scurry...they're going fast!

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