31 July 2009

New Friends!

These new friends from Minnesota discovered us here in beautiful Iowa country. Pictured from left to right are Ki (Junk Revolution), Barb (our fearless leader), Jane (Mustard Moon), and Sara (Seasons in Carver). We were thrilled to find we are same souls - feeding on each others' excitement for old, beautiful, unique treasures. What a wonderful thing!
Barb and Ki sit on the 1940's glider, that, within a few days of visiting us at the shop, will now find a home at Ki's in Minnesota. Fare thee well!
Barb, hunter and gatherer . . . we just had to sneak a few photos of this lovely lady!
And of course, these ladies hauled as many Iowa finds as they could pile on . . . however it fits - just get those amazing things back home safely!

We thank you marvelous ladies for visiting us, and discovering the uniqueness that Iowa offers friends. We are thrilled that you wanted to come see us, and even more excited that next time we meet, we'll have many junkin' stories to share with each other!

25 July 2009

White Surprises

White is wonderful! Neat, neat column to set a large fern or plant on, little end table, and large cupboard all swirled together in creamy goodness . . .
Hillhouse Naturals - paperwhites diffusers - love 'em.

At this time we have three white harvest tables just waiting for the perfect homes!

White is bliss . . .

White muslin strips with jewels-a-plenty . . . for us - a great curtain.

The Fresh Linen line is as fresh as you can get.

Old ceiling tiles - one of a kinds. Oops . . . some just sold - 2 left!

Conservatory with statues and fountains and - what? Oh yes, more glories of the white nature.

14 July 2009

Apothecary and Bath Soothings

Linen water, delicate glass vases, enormous pink hydrangea heads and french soaps all cozy in a square wash basin . . . does it get better than that?

Yep! That arrangement sitting on top of what could be the coolest bathroom sink ensemble, throw in the chandelier between the cupboards and an oversized mirror behind it . . . you'll never want to leave your bathroom . . . ever.

Except to refill your Caldrea products in a variety of scents.

Can you imagine this amazing black empire style sideboard as a bathroom sink? Hmmm...

Apothecary goods such as our Pre de Provence,

Eau de Linge in several scents,

Durance soaps and hand creams,

Archive bath salts,

and this and many more Burt's Bees' products, will keep you feeling beautiful and relaxed all summer! Come see these products and so many more . . . take the time to enjoy a few moments of spa sensation luxury.

11 July 2009

Open Doors

You'll know you are home when you walk through this entryway door . . .

Open our door . . . lots of treasures to find

Doors galore . . .
. . . and so much more yet to be discovered when you walk through our doors!

07 July 2009

Warm Hues for Summer's Muse

OLD beaded purse and a like-none-other necklace brought to you on a silver platter . . .

We have 4 fabulous Italian chairs - perfect for your outdoor summer dining . . .

Just in - more gorgeous, old postcards

Come feel the warmth of summer's sunshine at Sisters' soon! We'd love to see you!