25 May 2011

Oh Happy Day

Hi...oh happy day, we have show and tell...the good part is - you can actually take these items home with you if you want to....

Oh garden cheerfulness! Come find your favorite colors in our assortment of dahlias, celosia, lupine, snapdragons, and all things that make your garden bright!

Happy, "snappy" days are here again! "Lovely snapdragon...speak to me..."

Corbel-happiness!!! These are huge! And so perfectly chippy, and so architectural...are you smiling yet?....Or maybe drooling?....we understand.

An old playground piece....a whirly birly?....they don't make 'em like they used to....."spin me right round, baby, right round..."

Oh happy days....garden playing, delight in all things 'home', and finding that special something that makes you smile....happy days are these!

14 May 2011

Things, things and more things

A small thing,

a big thing,

a swing thing,

an "I can use this" thing.

Oh the things of heart,

and the things of art,

the smelly good things

and the happiness creating brings.

Come one, come all, we have fun customers who haul!

Oooooo, a lady's buying these things

You can buy pink pearl strings,

Things are waiting here for you,

pop on by to get one thing or two.New things, old things, weird things and wonderful things...Oh the pleasure these things bring!

10 May 2011

Oh, the Joys of Spring!

Introducing.....the mini cloche. What will they think of next?! These are SO cute!

Galvanized letters - so cool, you'll be thinking, "Where can I put these?"

You know what's better than seeing this absolutely amazing necklace pendant here? Seeing it around your neck.....

You can't replicate authenticity like the old chippy paint pieces that come through our doors.....each is an original, and we love 'em all.

Hang up your hat, and take some time to relax.....