29 March 2018

Snow is Over...Spring is Here!

It's time that snow is over...and spring is here!
Say good-bye to snowmen, and bring on the freshness and fragrances of spring!
Get ready for a new season with garden goods, fantastic furniture, and spring's surprises!
Love, love, love all the newness pouring in the front doors! Woo hoo! Springtime at Sisters!!!

19 March 2018

New Arrivals...SERIOUSLY!!!

Let us give you just an idea of the MANY AMAZING arrivals you absolutely MUST come to see...
Architectural fragments - cast iron, wooden, windows, arches, columns and more.
INCREDIBLE pieces of furniture like this old store counter.
Glass door cupboards, drawers, medicine cabinets, and furniture.
All things that sparkle, twinkle and glow.
LARGE cupboards, farm cupboards, chimney cupboards, wainscot cupboards...we have lots of fabulous cupboards.
Yes! You must see these new arrivals before they're gone, gone, gone!
SERIOUSLY! Be prepared to gather the goods!