31 January 2012

Sunny Days are Here Again!

It's 60 degrees, sunny, and just the end of January...is that really possible in our Iowa country spot?! Well, we're taking full advantage of the warmth hauling in and hauling out some UNBELIEVABLE inventory, so get out and enjoy the heat wave! We've got lots of inspirations for your winter redos!Oh, these red shutters are the true old chippy red...say yes please!Lots of vintage beakers in all shapes and sizes right now...but get them while they last because these originals go fast!Just in - our newest selection of crosses...the detail in these is just wonderful!And new magnets to make your refrigerator mess absolutely adorable!Ooo-la-la! These vintage Italian leaf brackets have the most amazing patina and lines - and reaching out two feet away from the wall, these beauties will be great conversation pieces! This old, happy pillow just came - in excellent condition and so trendy - love it!Colors extraordinair! Loving these items in store right now...So come by quickly to get the best treasures on our Iowa country, island paradise! And get out there and enjoy this sunny day!

28 January 2012

The EYES Have It!

Oh, these guys are easy on the eyes!Mine eyes have now beheld true beauty.And beauty is in the eye of the beholder...a simple piece of vintage organza floating delicately over the frame of a scalloped edge shade...sheer romance.The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Take time to reflect.When something catches your eye, take a sniff, too...with Aloha Orchid candles you'll be in bliss!

Seeing is believing!
Oh, what a sight for sore eyes! Prism-y chandeliers make us melt every time...The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul...Oh, what an eye-full...a few pictures of serenity...Sisters style.

26 January 2012

For the soft palette...

Today we give you just a fraction of a glimpse into some fun things at Sisters Garden & Bloom with a soft color, neutral but neat-o palette, that make each piece simple to decorate with, and simply fabulous to enjoy... Beautiful bundles of treasured items for all who love the softer side...

21 January 2012

In with the old, in with the new!

Here at Sisters Garden and Bloom it's never "OUT with the old, in with the new" because we love 'em both! So, we'll bring IN the old and new...when it comes here it's new to us anyway...we want it all!New line of Illume candles in fresh scents like these gorgeous Gardenia candles...and as always they're soy.Hee hee - new HAND soaps! How handy! They'll give you a firm hand shake, plus they won't spread any germies!Oh, check out these vintage swivel stools!!! You could anchor these to the ground if you wanted, and the best part is...We've got FIVE of these bad boys!Yum! Illume candles in bamboo and agave scent...great packaging, too!At Sisters and Bloom, old and new mingle together, creating a unique language...we love these conversations.