26 July 2012

Pieces of Our Repertoire

Much to be done in a day, much to see, much to discover along the way...so enjoy exploring a few pieces in our repertoire...
The potting tables have it! We love any treasure you can use as a living piece of the garden...
...especially when the silhouette of garden glories are enhanced by the surrounding of nature's beauty.
 This dry sink fits the bill as garden and design meet...
 Take a closer look - a big enamel basin setting in an aged metal top - worn by hard work and love.
Treat tired hands to our Gardener's soap - nourishing and replenishing.
 New displays all over - inside, outside, and everywhere in between!
 Just in - 60 year old name plates - and trust us when we say we have A LOT of them! Some of these names are such a hoot! And some are coming right back in style - love!
 We're gettin' crazy, feelin' farmy, and squeelin' with excitement all the way home!
 New Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm just in...perfect for sun kissed smackers!
 Vintage and reproduction games of a great age!
 Hope you can visit soon, to see the everchanging pieces of our repertoire we just can't wait to show you!

21 July 2012

More to pour into the store!

Well, happy day! More to pour into the store! This neat piece would be great as a dresser, funky buffet, counter, or entertainment center - love all the drawers.
Everything from Frenchy to primitive, farmy to industrial, we're bringing it all in...what's your style?
Chippy blue beauty - this larger cupboard is solid, functional, and oh so pretty!
Sale? sale? Did someone say sale? We're going to keep adding more treasures for a limited time, so check back often to get great-o dollar deals! 
He-llo! Great green bench from a restaurant...lub dub, lub dub - makes our hearts beat faster.
 This pretty little trunk floats our boat! Oh, the vintage paper interior is just spectacular!
Well, more on the way for Tuesday...we can't contain ourselves!

19 July 2012

Picture Time!

It's picture time people! Roll 'em!
Lots of feed sack fabric fragments, and other fun vintage materials, curtains and bedding to be had...
 A wide variety of new merchandise large and small to really sink your teeth into...
 It's time for a shopping spree at Sisters' and Bloom - where, here on the blog, a picture's worth a thousand words...but if you come by the stores to find your goodies, you actually get to take those thousands of words home with you...now doesn't that sound like a little more fun? 

15 July 2012

In a daydream...

What a day for a daydream...
We're daydreaming a little today - dreaming of all the things that transport us and inspire us - things like white honeysuckle and baby jasmine drawer liners...mmm...
things like a wonderful variety of bath products that are so serene and soothing...
Sinking in a creamy boudoir chair for a place to sit and rest for a while...just to daydream.
A dreamlike musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfillment of wishes or hopes
intr.v. day·dreamed or day·dreamt (-drmt), day·dream·ing, day·dreams
To have dreamlike musings or fantasies while awake.
A sampling of our sweet little curtain pins...because daydreams are all in the details.
Daydreaming of far away places...with a giant vintage school map of Europe, you can almost jump right in.
 Daydreaming of a slow bike ride on a long dirt road...
 Daydreaming of ways to see things differently, and enjoy them even more...
 Daydreaming of sailing away into the deep blue yonder...
 Daydreaming in colors that capture...
Daydreams of drippy prisms, chippy paint, white, and sunlight...oh, that we'd have just a few more moments before waking from this delight...