31 October 2009

Gifts for you. Gifts for them. Gifts of love.

White chenille trees just came in! Love 'em!

Goin' to the chapel . . .
These new feather ornaments are great fun . . . white feathers inside each ornament!

Cascade wreaths . . . framed in the richness of an old, gold frame
Clear and silvery grapes . . . just fabulous!

2010 Calendars are here!

27 October 2009

It's the littlest things that mean the most.

Whoa, wow, and "Ay caramba"! This sofa is . . . well . . . yeah. We're speechless, too.

Aspen Bay Candles are irresistible . . . and in these beautiful jars they are great for your Christmas decorating, or giving away as wonderful gifts!

Check out these monogrammed necklaces that are individually unique and completely fabulous!

The whole world in the palm of your hand . . .

Christmas is just around the corner, and is beginning to sprinkle in the stores. Come see all the new, great merchandise in Sisters' Style!

03 October 2009

It Keeps Comin' In!

This awesome counter with the neatest chipped paint just arrived!

Cute, old wainscot dry sink filled with fallish goodies . . .
Two fantastic corbels!

Big, beautiful new cupboard, amazing dental cart and lots of fun cake toppers . . .
Love the flowery, old chandeliers . . .

Old barbershop cabinets . . . so cool!

Cupboards, frames and candles - we keep getting in more, more, more!
Little acorn ornaments to wish you a joyful harvest as we welcome autumn in!