30 January 2010

Paris anyone?

We think this could be a fun flea market adventure for anyone of you who is interested!

We know Anita - the tour guide - and know she'd be an excellent guide down the streets of Paris.

Check out her blog for more pictures and info for the trip - the deadline is February 15!

Visit iowajunkgypsies.blogspot.com and email her there to find out the details! Bonjour!

28 January 2010

Find your joy!

Touches of earth's magic.
New harvest and tressle tables
What a statue!
Fresh grass mats, nests and nature art . . .

REAL goose eggs . . . love 'em

Italian Capiodamonti flowers!

My love to thee

Rose petal soaps - these are unbelievably sweet!

Monogram necklaces!

Large magnetic hearts you can also write on! We love these . . .

16 January 2010

It's Refreshing . . .

Reminiscing Paris . . . the city of love

Covered box with tulips . . . speak to the earth

Great issue of Romantic Homes!

Dress form glory . . .
So cool - brass candleabra

New displays everywhere!

Awe-some green velvet sweetheart chair - oh dear! SOLD

09 January 2010

Newness Arrives!

Pure olive oil soap - luxurious, natural, clean.
Pre de Provence soaps and lotions . . . a little french and fresh
Old chandeliers . . . you can never have enough

New fresh soaps, statues . . . yum.

New displays everywhere!

Collect your life, come in and be encouraged.

Enjoy the gifts of winter!

Begin this new year with abundance, gratefulness, gathering . . . around a beautiful harvest table

. . . and bluebird happiness.

Enjoy winter's gifts . . . from inside

Curl up in ornate french style

Light a fire -

And get ready for a new world with unimaginable surprises this year!