31 January 2013

To Brighten Your Days!

On long, cold, winter days, when it doesn't seem enough that the sun shows its rays, we feel BRIGHT is out of sight! Bright is right, it gives you more might, and makes you happy, taking the chill out of winter's bite! 
Think fresh with wreaths, and mossy green for a great show,
And Burt's Bees Toner for a healthy face glow - of course in invigorating Garden Tomato!
Think about an urban, colorful chair
Or plants that give more O2 to the air!
Think industrial, a touch of whimsy and eclectic,
And brighten your days with all things electric!
Study up for your coming gardening days,
And grab your brooms - whisk that winter dust away!!
To brighten a space, hang it up in new cup appreciation,
and just give us a jingle when you need more inspiration...
Turn a lively feed sack into a pillow to see it in a new way,
or get a great big beautiful cupboard to brighten your day!!!
We wish you days filled with winter's light that's brighter than bright - and now a new February overflowing with the most imaginative delight!

24 January 2013

Pictures Comin' at Ya!

You guys absolutely NEED to see all the FUN & FUNKY stuff that's been arriving! It's cool cool, and we can't show it all online 'cuz there's just TOO MUCH! Make sure you get the FIRST of the pickins 'cuz these ain't no pictures compared to the real deals!!! New and old, we've got the mother load!

17 January 2013

The Sisters' Train's A Comin'!

We are entering 2013 in Sisters' style! It's going to be an unbelievable year and we are absolutely thrilled you're following the Sisters' train! We're turnin' it over, shakin' it off, dustin' it down and twirlin' it around...hop on board cuz all are welcome! Chugga, chugga, choo, choo!
Gimme green any day - a green harvest table will do quite nicely!
This side table is perfectly endearing...three green legs and one that is barn board red! Hee hee!
Made with love...sweet stitches.
Trunks?! Everyone needs a trunk on the train!
We're a rollin' down the tracks now! Hop on board for a year of fun and adventure...choo choo!