05 January 2013


All things here are as nice as spice as we start a new year in 2013!
If you've got the winter blues, take these refreshing cues, and dress your table with this sheer angelic tablecloth...that'll do!
Love it all! Oh, how nice...
Aren't these nice? Vintage store stock measuring tapes!
Ok, check out this nice, nice, nice old pew bench with a feather tick cushion...you'll need to see this one!
Now here's a nice spice of life - Tokyomilk cremes that care just as much about your hands as they do about your sniffer!
Oooo, nice table! Large workspace, taller height and movable...it would make a cool kitchen island, too...
Now this is a nice metal box...oh, the possibilities...
Love this unique old table...nice treasures like this one are just popping by to join the Sisters' fun! Pop in soon to find all things nice...all things to fight the chill of winter's ice!

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