29 August 2012

Loads of Fun...Stuff!

Loads of benches in many styles, lengths and colors, and we love 'em all - each one functional and unique in their own way.
We've been getting new candles in droves 'cuz we agree with you...they're just so good! Incredible Biscotti is back in a big way!
This is a fun, one-of-a-kind dry sink you'll have to see the options it offers.
 Whoo Whoooo's so cute? Love these white owls...what a hoot!

23 August 2012

Summer is Simply Slipping Away

There's something in the air...hints of the finale of another season simply slipping into another. And it's beginning to show around the stores, too. Hope you like a little sampling of the new season slipping in...
We have a number of patio sets and furniture ready for some autumn entertaining...
Uh oh! New candles with scents ready to take you to dreamy places...Twilight Vanilla and Heirloom Pumpkin are just two wonderful ones...
"Laundry Queen" sample washing machine - could be the perfect little decor in the laundry room - so cute!
Uh-huh! Pair of beauties that we love, love, love. Can't wait to show you all the new things that are bringing us into autumn's beginning chapter. Get out there today and take on the last of summer's warm smile.

21 August 2012

A little this and a whole lotta that...

Onward and upward today with a little here and a little there creating new inspirations - if you need some vintage dominoes, this is the place to collect quite a variety.
 Sweet apricot chair - love the details of this one!
 Cubbies and lots-a-drawered pieces that will have you asking - now which hole did I put that needle in?
 Ye gads! Gasp and jump for joy!
 Neato bandito - this cupboard top is the top of vintage cupboard-ry!
 Okay, so we know we're a little weird sometimes, but when a little this and a lotta that comes waltzin' through the doors, we just can't help ourselves! Like the new issue of Flea Market Style Magazine - if there was ever a time you needed to get your grabby little paws on something good, this is it. There are so many lovely treasures in this life to be enjoyed, repurposed and made your own - so get out there and get some-a this and that!

15 August 2012

A new display every day!

Things are rushing in and rushing out, and with all the hubbub, new displays are swishing all over the place!
Feelin' fine and fancy free, these two ladies are deemed the favorite customers of the day! Cute scarves and all - out for a day of adventure!
New shipments of amazing things have just arrived - like this worn styled terrarium in the perfect size.
Moon Shiners are a wonderful thing - solar lids for jars - a little romantic glow on a perfect summer evening.
Shelf city! New ways to see beloved things displayed.
We're feeling that late summer vibe around Sisters and Bloom.....cool hues, cooler temps, and the coolest things marchin' in...