14 February 2017

Love and Suds!

Happy Valentine's Day! There's a decadent spell cast on Sisters and Bloom for LOVE & SUDS...
Swooning soaps are here to stay (and not just for one amorous day!)
Bathe with soaps made of essential oils and scents that charm...wonderful for body, hands, face and even your lovely locks! Gentle. Glycerin. Natural. Sumptuous.
They walk out the doors, quick as a wink...so stop by often!
You must inquire about all the fabulously yummy scents we have in stock...to suit your every mood and season!
These are WILD FARM SOAPS...handmade with love, to enhance your natural beauty, and bring out your bubbly, delicious, sudsy senses!
Pile on LOVE & SUDS this month! A whole new world of soft skin sensations!