29 July 2010

Sneak peek into our homes

You all ask us, "How can you not keep all of the finds you come across and want to sell them through our stores - don't you want to keep it all?" Well - we decided it's time to give you just a little peek at what we DO keep at our homes. The first home we will show you is owner, Barb Hochstetler's (I always feel a little sheepish/shy to show - but here goes.....)
Here are a few of my favorite things.....
Gorgeous painting done by my sister
A present from my daughter

This is my garden girl - she was a gift from my sister-in-law and we named her Macy

This is a favorite gift from a favorite friend, Deb

Yes, Barb Conner, this cupboard's still in the will for you

Thank you for visiting - we hope to see you in-store again soon so you can find YOUR favorite things.....

27 July 2010

Live Meaningfully

We are so fortunate to have our 2 stores located within the peaceful countryside of Iowa where we can offer you an amazing array of antiques and treasures you must see to believe -

Our countryside is filled with history and simplicity,
a place where after a hard day's work, it's time for some
Our countryside listens for the sweet sound of water
and makes room for clean, white linens to dry in the warm summer breeze.
Our countryside creates freely from the soul
like turning a grain conveyer into an amazing harvest table centerpiece - transforming history into a new life for appreciation's sake.
In our countryside there will always be a chair for everyone, and a place where life invites you to

24 July 2010

Creativity reigns

Do what you will to crush my creativity and make me conform --
my imagination knows no bounds,
and with these dreams that are given to me,
new ideas, new art, and new beauty will be born to share!

20 July 2010

Jewels that bling

We have loads of jewelry to entice your eyes - a little fun, a little funky, a lot of femininity