24 July 2010

Creativity reigns

Do what you will to crush my creativity and make me conform --
my imagination knows no bounds,
and with these dreams that are given to me,
new ideas, new art, and new beauty will be born to share!


A Wild Thing said...

The wheels they never stop a turnin'...YIPPEE...see ya soon with more trash...I mean GREAT STUFF, thanks for the call!


Simply Iowa said...

I so enjoyed my visit, last week... Elain and Erica are the most Darling Girls...
The Store is Amazing...
Barb C.

Sarah DeShaw said...

Everything down to the last detail is inspiring on your blog and in your store. Thanks for letting us shoot there on Friday! It was such a treat. Here is a link to some of the photos:


if you'd like to use any of them for your blog please feel free to copy and paste! Otherwise, we will have downloadable images for Britt in the near future.