28 April 2010

100% Irresistible

What - how - um - yep. No words. Absolutely no words.
These old lanterns are cast iron - where else could you find these?!

This original chalk piece needs to be seen up close - it's just beautiful

Oh the ways you could use this old scale with metal basket

Honk, honk . . .
This apothecary piece is the REAL thing. You will never find this again. It - is - incredible.

24 April 2010

Gardening Glories

New hanging baskets and potted plants of trailing petunias, black-eyed susans, meadow sage, columbine and dahlias are filling the stores with color and flowery scents
This is cement architecture find is in 3 pieces and would be glorious in your garden
Check this out - an old ice box shelf that would be so good in a laundry room, bathroom, entry - yep, just about anywhere - love the chunkiness and coloring

We are loving all the new cement fragments, birdbaths, planters - oh my, oh my

Okay, this is unbelievable - this 9 foot church pew just got here and it fits perfectly with the 9 foot harvest table we have. This would make an amazing pair!

17 April 2010

Where Purpose Meets Beauty

This is a 9' long old counter with its original top and paint - it's so long we could hardly get it in the picture!

Lots and lots and lots of flower frogs

These great potting pieces would be perfect for Spring needs - Angel vines are here and so sweet


New Caldrea products are in - dryer sheets that smell divine, Sweet Pea scent is back, and Sandalwood Riceflower is now our newest scent - and it's good!

Wow! 9 feet of extraordinary harvest table -

Wooden fruit pulls are just as fun to look at as they are use!

13 April 2010

Freshly Fun

We have HARVEST TABLES - lots of styles, colors and sizes - you've got to see them!
- Three tables just SOLD!

Great dormer windows - if one amazing window wasn't enough - we have two for you

Dainty lemon cypress, dwarf myrtle and selaginella mosses - they are FRESHLY FUN

Just got in lots of old, metal and other fantastic chandeliers!

These two pieces are SO good - old safety deposit box cubbies and a 3 drawer base cupboard - oh my! - Cubbies SOLD

08 April 2010

Oh, Baby!

Bet you didn't know we had such fun children and baby items wonderful for gifts -

Rainy day boots promise to make puddle jumping the most exciting - come see the different varieties!

Who knew kaleidoscopes could bring so much entertainment for both young and old?

Vintage and new children's items mingle together to add richness for each generation -

These new lunchboxes just got here - also would be great for crafts or secret stashes -

This white wicker set is wonderful - An old changing table that could be also cute as a desk, vanity, or message center

Love these colored pencil bundles - add some fun to your coloring book!

Items like this "baby" sign and the goodies above, are just a few of the unique, hard-to-find treasures that you'll love!