13 April 2010

Freshly Fun

We have HARVEST TABLES - lots of styles, colors and sizes - you've got to see them!
- Three tables just SOLD!

Great dormer windows - if one amazing window wasn't enough - we have two for you

Dainty lemon cypress, dwarf myrtle and selaginella mosses - they are FRESHLY FUN

Just got in lots of old, metal and other fantastic chandeliers!

These two pieces are SO good - old safety deposit box cubbies and a 3 drawer base cupboard - oh my! - Cubbies SOLD


Brandon Woline said...

Looking good and Fresh. I noticed today while in the store that you do have a lot of harvest tables...they are all fantastic! Keep up the good work.


julie miller said...

GREAT stuff~~Especially the skinny little cupboard and the dormers!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!! Julie