26 March 2013

The hard part is choosing!

Choices, choices! It's so fun when we love it all!!!
This looooooooooooooong piece just arrived, and this bad boy is incredible!!! 13 FEET 8" long, it's a whopper!!! Wouldn't it make the ultimate entertainment center, bathroom vanity, kitchen island, room divider, bar, or buffet??!!! LOTS of new items with a variety of purposes have walked or rolled in, and we're ready for you to see them!
Time is of the essence...
Many 'a thing to behold!
New CHEWBEADS just in!! Mommy chic, baby safe! "Now, which ones do I choose?"....
Long, beautimous curtain panels have arrived, and are absolute Spring hanging on paper birch branches!
Oh, magnolia!
New displays big and small, here and there, and everywhere!
Old and new, how do we choose?! We'll take it all!
 Okay, so the hard part may be choosing, but we love every minute of it!! Isn't shopping just a gas??!!!!

22 March 2013

Spring has SPRUNG at Sisters!

We've got your SPRING in full force here at Sisters' with merry mixes of new and old...the natural, the unique, the simple, the detailed, the worn, the fresh, the inspired, and the anticipation of all things green and growing!
Spring has SPRUNG at Sisters'!!! Gather all the new for your nest, your farm, your studio, your mansion, your hole in the wall, your apartment, your tree house, your home sweet home!!!