28 February 2012

Something a Little Special!

Yipee! Flea Market Gardens is finally here and we are super duper excited to carry this magazine - it's jam-packed full of fun, interesting and inspirational ideas for all things garden! Come get your copy of this fresh magazine while they last for cover to cover reading that will make you wish you could get diggin' in that dirt right away!
We are also over-the-top thrilled because Sisters' Garden is featured in this issue - wowee! And thanks so much to the team at Flea Market Gardens, for writing such wonderful words - we're absolutely elated - thank you!
Come check out this magazine and walk through our stores to experience our "garden style". Rooms that are a different inspiration and a different way of presenting the old with the new that you won't find anywhere else - creating displays that look like they're already "living" - our rooms are filled with designs ready for you to take home and enjoy right away, ideas to inspire you in a multitude of ways day after day!

23 February 2012

Playing in the Puddles...

"The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house, all that cold, cold, wet day.
I sat there with Sally. We sat there, we two. And I said, "How I wish we had something to do!'"Well, while The Cat in The Hat has led inquisitive minds on many mischievous adventures during rainy days, at Sisters' Garden and Bloom, we're cookin' up a little dreamin', and a lot of mischievousness, too! Today, in February none the less, we have not one bit of snow to be seen, but we've got plenty of puddles for playing! And rainy days always bring a special excitement to the shops - there's a different inspiration and energy of movement, and by the end of the day, new displays all over the shops have transpired!New displays with products like the much loved Cavallini papers, stationary stamps, and stickers in new designs! And what does a rainy day do, but inspire us to think about all things 'garden'. We are so happy to be selling this magazine hot off the presses - Flea Market Gardens...loads of garden and outdoor inspiration, plus a little bonus to see us featured beginning on page 98! Rain or shine, snow or sleet, hurry to get your copy, they're awfully neat!

20 February 2012


Hello! We wish you a WONDER-FULL day!Today at the stores, we're putting out goodies and watching other "wonders" find some great homes as they get wrapped up and hauled away!A wreath from old pages and random vintage numbers and letters...yes, wonder-full.Little birds to tweet, and a baby's napkin ring...so sweet!New findsin natural beauty...and grace.We love the wonder of simple architecture, simple lines, a simple palette...the shine and shape of the wonder of glass...a lovely box of matches, or the wonder-full way objects can be paired - to bring out the beauty in multitude of styles.

But here is our NEWEST WONDER to the Sisters' Garden family...Paxton John. May you be filled with wonder, and do wonder-full things in your life as you grow...You are a new wonder to this big wide world. Welcome, Paxton...Until the next time we meet, good-bye!

11 February 2012

Life's little pleasures...

Take a few moments to enjoy a hot cocoa with an "unforgettable" cup and saucer...Refresh and rejuvenate in femininity with soaps to make you swoon.The warm scents of Biscotti,the delicate sparkle under drippy prisms, a lovely postcard on the tails of a feathery friend,and a much loved object that by simply looking at, you can feel the dancing wind - all life's little pleasures.A place for your keys to hang out for a while,the measure of a match made in Heaven, a Chintz ring, made just for the most crisp, white linen napkin ,the intricate work of crochet tousled under glass,and the neatest steel table fit for a king - these are a few of our favorite things. I see now, that once is not enough, to divulge in the extraordinary... to heed the call of handsome functionand form.Pour me some splendor, and a mismatch of beauty. Talk long, and carry on...and take in, life's little pleasures.