11 February 2012

Life's little pleasures...

Take a few moments to enjoy a hot cocoa with an "unforgettable" cup and saucer...Refresh and rejuvenate in femininity with soaps to make you swoon.The warm scents of Biscotti,the delicate sparkle under drippy prisms, a lovely postcard on the tails of a feathery friend,and a much loved object that by simply looking at, you can feel the dancing wind - all life's little pleasures.A place for your keys to hang out for a while,the measure of a match made in Heaven, a Chintz ring, made just for the most crisp, white linen napkin ,the intricate work of crochet tousled under glass,and the neatest steel table fit for a king - these are a few of our favorite things. I see now, that once is not enough, to divulge in the extraordinary... to heed the call of handsome functionand form.Pour me some splendor, and a mismatch of beauty. Talk long, and carry on...and take in, life's little pleasures.


Air Bohemia said...

I love the sound of 'the dancing wind'...I may have to borrow that for my creative endeavors...I'm sure the wind won't mind!

A simply beautiful inspiring post...thanks girls, can't wait to come back, as always!!!

s...let the eat (cup)cake

MEM said...

Enjoy your blog----you tend to picture and talk about things that I also like. Plan to take a field trip in several months and we love to shop in Iowa so hope to look you up!