28 February 2012

Something a Little Special!

Yipee! Flea Market Gardens is finally here and we are super duper excited to carry this magazine - it's jam-packed full of fun, interesting and inspirational ideas for all things garden! Come get your copy of this fresh magazine while they last for cover to cover reading that will make you wish you could get diggin' in that dirt right away!
We are also over-the-top thrilled because Sisters' Garden is featured in this issue - wowee! And thanks so much to the team at Flea Market Gardens, for writing such wonderful words - we're absolutely elated - thank you!
Come check out this magazine and walk through our stores to experience our "garden style". Rooms that are a different inspiration and a different way of presenting the old with the new that you won't find anywhere else - creating displays that look like they're already "living" - our rooms are filled with designs ready for you to take home and enjoy right away, ideas to inspire you in a multitude of ways day after day!


ChiPPy-SHaBBy said...

Saw It!*!*!
FaB Pics... CoNGraTuLaTioNs!*!*! I KEEP saying AND I want to get out your way... I HOPE THIS IS THE YEAR!!!
Jeanine Burkhardt

MEM said...

The magazines were at my house the minute I could lay hands on them. Love your blog and always enjoy the pix.
Congratulations on the honors.