27 February 2013

Treasure Island!

We're here on TREASURE ISLAND, with snow surrounding us country bumpkins on all sides, and it's simply FABULOUS! New treasures are piled high inside both stores, and while it's bright white outside as far as the eye can see, we're on the hunt and plundering the goods to bring to treasure island for you, our AMAZING customers!

26 February 2013

Gobs of Goods!

Gobs of goods galore, we have so much in store!!! Fun days to refresh, renew, redo - we have more waiting just for you!!! Fight that wind, and plow out the snow - and HURRY, these goods wanna go, go, go!!!

19 February 2013

Decorate for YOU!

Hello friends!!!
Here at SISTERS and BLOOM, we believe you need to decorate for YOU! While there are rules and regulations that can be valuable...we shall not be bound! We want to be free as birds! We shall flap our wings and feather our nests with MEANING, and with treasures that are gorgeous in their own right, that make us so happy to just be at home!!!
Whether you live in Virginia, 
or you live on a farm, 
begin with small seeds....a picture, or something you love...
and collect extraordinary pieces until you've made your own version of a masterpiece!!
Gather the fresh...like these white paper birch trunks and square sheets that just arrived in a variety of sizes to make your decorating relevant for YOU! We've got options people!
Create little displays too, 'cuz it's all in the details...
Grab a junkin' book like the ones that are arriving to our stores like "Garden Junk", "Kitchen Junk", and "American Junk"....These are chock-full of junk ideas!!!
Decorate with similar hues, 
or add pops of trendy color, 
or just go all out!!!
Add those special unexpected somethings
that keep you buzzing with joy...THAT joy is magnetic! 
Get back in touch with your sweet side,
your sensual side, 
and your silly side...
and make your home truly YOURS!
Get your beautiful, wobbly legs 'a movin'!
Grab some top notch inspiration!
And surprise yourself! Decorate for YOU. RELAX in what you love. FORGET the critics. And make it RELEVANT for YOUR LIFE. You get to LIVE it! 
And remember that the JOY you bring into your HOME is your ultimate WOW factor!!!