22 January 2014

January Inventory!!

We've gotten in some really exciting inventory this week!!!! Check out this tutti frutti, old white, one door cupboard!! We're in love!
Hope you like peeking at some selections of our new bath and home products like Simpatico's hand creams and soaps...botanically delicious!

This cast iron fireplace mantel just came...ugh. It's cool.
We're ready for Springtime totes full of random and delightful finds!
Brushes of all kinds, anyone?
So true!!! We love our fabulous customers!
 Hope you can make it out to us in between this month's blustery, blizzardy days! We're haulin' in more January inventory all the time! See ya!!!

21 January 2014

Keep On!!!

Keep on keepin' on! Lots to do, lots to see, lots to love!!! Winter days giving you the winter blues? Come over for a little adventure! We love having you!
We've just gotten in a ton of inventory from our new lines Barr-Co., Simpatico, and K. Hall Designs...candles, soaps, and products for bath and body...come see for yourself, it's gonna be great fun picking out your faves!!
And of course don't forget about your favorite handmade soaps...some scents in cutie snowflake shapes!
We love the packaging on these Barr-Co. products! These will keep you soakin' and sudsin' all the live-long winter!!
It's gonna be a beautimous year, and we wanna share it with you, our wonderful customers!!! Keep on keepin' on, and we'll see ya when we see ya! ☺

18 January 2014

It’s a brand new year at SISTERS GARDEN and BLOOM, and we’re gonna CELEBRATE 2014 in a big, big, big way because it’s our 20th year of business!!!!!! Happy days!!! 

To start the year off right, we’ll begin celebrating on the 20th of this month! This coming Monday, January 20th, Martin Luther King, Jr. day, take advantage of your day off, and come find the treasure!!

·      ♦ On that day only, as you shop, keep your eyes peeled for our $20 moneys hidden here and there. Say what???
·      ♦ If you spot one, YOU WIN!!! $20 of play money is an instant $20 cash you get to spend in our stores as you shop that day!!!! Simple as that…woo hoo!!!
·      ♦Of course, just one play money per customer please…and you must spend it that day, and that day only.
·       ♦Remember, the early bird gets the worm! Only a select amount of play moneys will be hidden for whoever can find one!
·       ♦And the best news is - we’re gonna be celebrating like this all year long!!!! More cash more wins and the winnings increase as the year goes along! Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Isn’t it fun to find a little surprise as you shop for Sisters’ treasures??? 

You just never know what you may FIND when you go 20-year treasure hunting!!!! Come help us celebrate!! Plus, we have a ton of new inventory for you to feast your eyes on – new displays, bath products, candles, furniture, and goods of all kinds for your home……It’s so much fun discovering what you didn’t know you were looking for!

Be refreshed.

It's that time of year to be refreshed...to do things that make you feel renewed...to take time to linger and dream.
Take time to SIT fabulously...
Take long moments to take care of yourself...and treat yourself to little luxuries!
Bring in the light!
And surround yourself with all that inspires YOU!
January blues? No way! Love your life!!!♥
Breathe in crisp, revitalizing air that gives energy and a spark in your step!
And do things that make you feel beautiful, 
for beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
 These are the days to get going, to be reminded that the sun's just beyond the clouds, to love your life again and again...for it is a gift. Time to go out and be REFRESHED!