20 August 2014

Gather Treasures Before They're Gone!

Need a good treasure hunt?? Then it's time for another Sisters run! We're getting in lots of new and old surprises, so come get 'em before they're gone!!
 If you're getting squirrely, don't go nuts! It's time to gather some new nuts...much treasure to gather at Sisters Garden and Bloom!

19 August 2014

Make It a Sisters Getaway!

Come on by today, for a little Sisters getaway!
 We have loads of goodies here in-store, and on the way is so much more!

15 August 2014

August is Flying By!!

This fabulous August is just flying by with late summer fun! Stop when you can shop...we have new goods this week for you to love!
We're loving this old green printer's box!! So many possibilities with this one!
 Our CHARM OF FARM Open House is coming up!! Friday and Saturday, September 19th & 20th! It's gonna be that time of year to harvest the goods!
 Our 'Of the Earth' tee.shirt!
 Gather your gold at Sisters Garden and Bloom this week before August flies on by!!

09 August 2014

Late Summer Blooms!

Late summer blooms with warm weather, cool nights, and dreamy inspirations for your home! 
These wire stars were greenhouse forms for plant topiaries...oh, my!
What a merry band of SISTERS taking a little road trip together to Sisters! Thanks, ladies, for bringing so much delight to our day...even what their matching shirts said was cute: "I can't remember if I'm the good Sister or the evil one." Too funny...
It's the perfect time of year for Red Currant candles!! And check out this clock on the industrial table that reads "Time for a Haircut"...the scissors moves and the barbershop poles on the sides light up!! Stinkin' cool!
Get ready to be thinking about gettin' cozy...in color!
Just in - purpley petite cake plates!
Thank you for stopping by the blog!
 And so much more to take in when you stop by the shops! It's that time of year when late summer BLOOMS at SISTERS!!!

05 August 2014

Our Upcoming Fall Open House!!

 Early FALL is coming up quickly!! Can you believe it??? That means Sisters Garden and Bloom's Fall Open House is just around the corner!!! And it's all for•the•love•of•vintage.
As always, our open house FALLS on the third weekend in September. So...this year it will be held:
Put it on your calendars, highlight it, circle, sticker and star it...'cuz this year's gonna be filled with fun, food, and fabulous finds!!!
Click the links here to keep checking the blog, Facebook, and Instagram for more details as the open house draws near!!!
 Plan on taking a ROAD TRIP to see us! Strap in, get your shoppin' shoes on, and drive to the country! Join us for AUTUMN at SISTERS...a great time to BLOOM.