02 August 2014

Books, Beautiful Books!

Books, beautiful books!
Every one tells a different story, and there's a story for everyone!
We always have old books in-store...from classics to fantastics!
Like this one with movie magic onscreen and onstage,
sends you right to the rafters,
thrilling moments page after page!
 We have books that take you far and away...
 and books that make you want to stay.
We have books to inspire,
and books that will teach,
we have books that reveal
dreams are never out of reach.
So come to the party,
come home to Sisters and Bloom,
you're just a few words away,
from being worlds away soon.
There's so much to discover
in all these books that are true,
It's time to gather a few,
sit...read a spell,
 and let a book become you.

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