26 February 2011

Words FOUND...

Let the words speak what they will . . . for the world has much to teach . . . and we have much to learn.

19 February 2011

Pieces of the insightful soul

Ahhh . . . soft colorings . . .
Zinc birdies perfect for gifts, hanging, and you can write on them, too!
You'll have to get your plants going in these fun root starters! Love 'em!

Pearl pieces . . .

A birdie here, a birdie there, a little birdie everywhere!
New changes, new inspiration, new insights to the soul . . . we'll see you soon!

12 February 2011

Let the sun shine in!

Warm rays of sunshine, find your way in -
to see the rich colors of vintage seed packets and all things garden,
to make green plants, and even friendly frogs, happy.

Shine on the different, the unusual, the thrown away - to let these treasures find a new light for tomorrow.

Shine on the creativity that speaks to us,

that warms our ticking souls,

and makes our every nerve buzz and stir with excitement . . .

Shine on us so we can see the beauty all around,
as we take closer looks at all the glory that surrrounds us.