26 November 2011

Holiday is all around!

...RUN into our stores! Within the hustle and bustle of the season we hope you can be saturated with the details that surround of vintage glitter, old trees, warm candles and most importantly, a sense of tranquility. Feel the Holiday Spirit that is all around!

19 November 2011

Our FARM-STYLE HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE...having some holiday fun!

Oh what fun having a holly jolly holiday with a tuna can Christmas tree - stop by to see the story behind this...it's a good one...have yourself a fishy little Christmas.

We've had such a great time this weekend celebrating our holiday opener with so many of you, our fabulous customers...thank you for coming...we WISH you joy this season!

A little of our toyland happiness that has made us feel like children...jump into your bright-eyed innocence and love the things again that gave you so much gladness!

Thanks Deb, for sharing your fantastic Studebaker pickup with us - sporting a flare for the holidays...love those curves...the burlap bow is so becoming!

And thanks Cory for your great Farmall tractor all decked out for the season! What fun, what fun, what farm-style fun! Thank you for making our season opener absolutely farm-tastic!

17 November 2011


You'll find us in the Sisters' Barnyard...we're so excited for you to see all that our holiday elves have been pullin' in! So much to see, so much to munch, so much to love...
Fantastic vintage bead garlands that have been restrung in great lengths for trimming trees, or just piling high!Oooo...check out these lamp post shades...wow-eeWhat? Grey and pink chippy paint cupboard close-up...oh mouth watering...trouble speaking...Oh, what fun we are having! We can't wait to see you tomorrow for our FARM-STYLE OPEN HOUSE! Join us from 10 am - 8 pm, and our Evening of Lights will begin at 5 pm...lots of one-of-a-kind treasures you'll love to deck your halls! And don't forget Saturday as the party continues from 10 am - 5 pm. Bring the joy, give the joy and get joyful!

10 November 2011

A Hint of Our Holiday....

We're packing in the goodies, and you've got to get here 'cuz they're going fast! Check out this TO-DIE-FOR red, pink, cream, and hint of blue chippy wonderland of a cupboard!!!!! This one is the real deal!Close-up that pictures don't do it justice!Woof-ta! I'll take it all!

Hee hee...we're nutty...

Oh, these green cypress wreaths are just so fresh! Love 'em!Just a peek...so much to see at our Holiday Open House - SISTERS STYLE