22 August 2009

Fresh off the Truck

Beautiful colored counter with bins . . . good for kitchen? Towels for the bathroom? What else?

Porcelain light fixtures . . . and a feather . . . lovely.

Long, low, amazing colored harvestish table . . . we were thinking coffee table?

Neat, neat cupboard with large bin . . .

New milk bath products you've been wanting!

Oh my! TWO identical harvest tables each over NINE FEET LONG! We love 'em!

Can you? Large metal hearts you could do so many things with . . .

Cute green and white counter and wooden, architectural piece. Yummy!

18 August 2009

Birds . . . birds . . .

New! Bedazzled birds!
And new bird cloches . . .

Birdcage chandeliers . . . with birds

08 August 2009

Love is in the air!

Deb Erb, a dear friend of the Sisters' Garden family who has worked at the shop for over 15 years, opened up her home to host her daughter Lindsay's wedding on an absolutely perfect evening on August 1st. Lindsay and Jason were married in the back yard and a reception followed in a building on the property. All was marvelous!

These amazing cages hung on trees throughout the yard with candles and flowers resting inside.
Lanterns from Sisters' adorned the outdoor reception entrance as guests gathered for drinks.

Deb had done such an incredible job, as we walked through the crowd of guests, we heard things like, "This looks like something out of a magazine" and "Martha would be so impressed!"

Barb, of course, had a hand in all this too! Everything from adding a little romance to this Garden Girl to helping with the reception chandelier that hung from the ceiling in all its glory. . .
A variety of wonderful, summery flower arrangements in a mix of ironstone and silver vessels.

And the cupcakes! The cupcake tower replaced a traditional cake, and each was uniquely designed by a customer of Sisters', a sweet, sweet woman who we call our "cupcake lady" Deb Kroeger . . . they were gorgeous and delicious!

The happy couple, Jason and Lindsay . . . congratulations and blessings as you start this journey together . . . if Deb is crying when you see her here at work, it's because her only daughter has just gotten married! Love sent to all.