22 August 2009

Fresh off the Truck

Beautiful colored counter with bins . . . good for kitchen? Towels for the bathroom? What else?

Porcelain light fixtures . . . and a feather . . . lovely.

Long, low, amazing colored harvestish table . . . we were thinking coffee table?

Neat, neat cupboard with large bin . . .

New milk bath products you've been wanting!

Oh my! TWO identical harvest tables each over NINE FEET LONG! We love 'em!

Can you? Large metal hearts you could do so many things with . . .

Cute green and white counter and wooden, architectural piece. Yummy!


ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks for sharing all your Fabulous Finds! You really Did GOOD! Love those looong tables and milk baths, light fixtures, (I Love light fixtures too) Good thing you had a truck! Love all you got!

SMiles, Cyndi

A Wild Thing said...

Girl, you never cease to amaze...I got cool Autumn wine soaps to deliver, in Merlot, White Zin, Cabernet and Green Apple...Mmmmm, see ya soon!