26 December 2016

Live Divine

With the chill in the air, this is the time of year to bask in a little luxury, enjoy the bustle, relax in the quiet moments, and live your own DIVINE. 
Surround yourself with loved ones and treasures that bring you HOME.
Spread cheer, share with those in need, and LIVE because you have been given LIFE!
So much to experience, so much to give, so much to love at this holiday season...so get out there and LIVE your own DIVINE.

19 December 2016

Oh, How JOLLY!

Christmas is coming...and oh, how jolly! Sisters Garden and Bloom are THE stores to find - 
old ornaments, apothecary cupboards, olive baskets, old windows, and industrial finds - 
The shops are YOUR places to find the best of vintage and new Christmas!
Find the fresh, the fabulous, the always fascinating!
Oh, how jolly! Christmas is here!
Our two shops WANT you to touch, smell, and see all the glory of gifting - ringing true especially this season!
Oh, how jolly the little - 
and BIG things are!
Find your place - it's Christmas fantastic - at Sisters Garden and Bloom!

29 November 2016

Christmas Wishes are Here!

Here we go a-shopping! 
The feel in the air is changing, the holidays are coming, the wishes are building with anticipation...it's the perfect time of year to go a-shopping!
In two stores, we have gifts galore for THEM, and pretty things YOU'LL love!
We have villages full of the most wonderful gifts!
If you need a little redo for your holiday gatherings, or if you need to find the perfect somethings for those special someones, Christmas wishes can be found right here!

17 November 2016

For the Love...

Our FOR THE LOVE...of holiday hospitality OPEN HOUSE is here!!!
We'll give you just an itsy bitsy peek at the goods, but you'll want to come to our 3-day event
Thursday, Friday & Saturday
November 17, 10 - 6
November 18, 10 - 6
November 19, 10 - 5
See, taste, hear, smell and touch your way through two stores of welcoming in winter!
Check out our facebook page by clicking HERE, to get the latest updates on the open house fun!
It's all FOR THE LOVE...of nature, art, home goods, new, vintage and the holiday's bountiful gifts! We can't wait to share all the possibilities of the new season with you!