31 May 2012


We're getting ready for another fabulous SHOP HOP event with goodies galore!
10 am - 5 pm both days
for a fabulous trip full of fun and adventure...
Hop from shop to shop among some great countryside stores:
Sisters' Garden and Bloom
Rug Cottage and Barntiques
Old Mans Creek Antiques
and Magdalena's On The English
There's no time for pleasantries, just get here before your treasures get taken!
Great Scott! You'll have to grab the goods before they're gone!
See you tomorrow for some SHOP HOP HAPPINESS going on Friday and Saturday only! A few days full of fun and friends!

24 May 2012

Visit from a friend...

It always makes our day when a great person like Jim Ingraham stops by the stores! He scooped up some decadent delights for himself as he shopped. It's always intriguing to see how customers put together their treasures - and as they begin to make a pile at the counter, you all of a sudden see the rhyme or reason, and style of their creations. And well, let's just say as Jim gathered his "must-haves", we were completely enthralled! Oh, wow! The way he put it all together just made us "Ooooo" and "Aaahhh"!
But then! - there was a whole new world of goodies filling his vehicle - so, several moments later WE acquired piles of new inspirations of amazing things!
Jim, thanks so much for coming our way, and bringing us the best of all things WONDERFUL! Your collections are looking so "at home" here!
Jim is a "purveyor of seasoned antiques and primitives, various textiles, reclaimed goods, and oddities" - and you'd be a fool not to contact him to get great treasures for yourself:
Jim Ingraham of J. WORNSTYLE
2110 Madison Street, Trenton, Missouri 64683
(660) 339.7281

22 May 2012

Drinks, drinks, come get your ice cold drinks!

 As Spring's heating up, there's nothing better than an ice cold drink! And with graduation parties, holidays, summer barbeques, and days spent in the sunshine, we've got a great selection of "cool" containers to dress up your drinks!
Galvanized tubs and buckets, large and small for little soirees or big bashes!
 And we love thinking outside the box to dress up a fancier affair by using concrete urns, planters, birdbaths, or fountains brimming full of piles of ice and pretty bottles...
 An industrial cart full of glasses and bottles...yes, please!
 Or wagons piled high with fun drinks for the children...oh, what a delight!
 Unusual pieces like these vintage street light covers would be gorgeous, and quite the conversation pieces, too!
 Decorative iron planters for dressing up your party,
or a metal trough for a more casual get-together,
 or a double wash tub for the biggest and best party ever - so many options, guess we have no excuses this summer to do a little entertaining...and just enjoy some great company and lots of laughter!

 Don't forget the picnic baskets,
or a great metal trunk,
 or an unbelievable water and soda tote...So many fun ideas, we're gettin' thirsty! We'll all drink to that!

17 May 2012

Shabby Serenity...

We all need a few serene moments - a few moments to claim as your own, to gather ideas and inspiration for your soul...take a few moments here to just - rest...
 Thank you for taking the time to visit...now gather your SISTERS, come by our GARDEN, AND share with us your heart's replenished serene beauty in full BLOOM...