21 February 2009

Take Time to Reflect

We love old mirrors!! They have such character! If you think about mirrors, they come in so many sizes, shapes and uniqueness. They've been with us for centuries - ALL KINDS! Some are beveled, some need resilvering, some are cracked - but we love each kind! And when you have a shop they are great to display with!! They show themselves off - and also the merchandise around them . . . take time to reflect . . . enjoy a selection of our mirrors below.

12 February 2009

Gathering Goods!

So cool - green and white glass-doored cupboard.
Old etched door with stag featured . . . unbelievable.

Vintage Prang crayon refills . . . takes you back to elementary days . . . old school.

Old milk cupboard in chippy paint perfection . . . has an "open" inside . . . great for an entertainment center.

All of us at Sisters' Garden and Bloom love the "thrill of the hunt" of all of our vintage and antique goods. We feel the "old stuff" keeps our shops always set apart . . . offering one-of-a-kinds that no other shop can duplicate. We love our jobs and love seeing you love our stores . . . it makes it all worthwhile! Our inventory changes quickly - so plan a trip to shop soon . . . so you don't miss out!

05 February 2009

New Items Arriving Every Day!

We are ready for Spring and all that it brings!

We just got this great piece in . . . cupboard? entertainment center? counter? . . . it's too cool!

So many wonderful, colorful cards for any occasion.

These black transferware pieces are so neat . . . and we also just got in many blue and brown transferware pieces . . . they're a feast for the eyes.

We love Art Home products . . . linen water, body creams, linen sprays . . . in California Grapefruit and Tulip scents . . . definite yum!