05 February 2009

New Items Arriving Every Day!

We are ready for Spring and all that it brings!

We just got this great piece in . . . cupboard? entertainment center? counter? . . . it's too cool!

So many wonderful, colorful cards for any occasion.

These black transferware pieces are so neat . . . and we also just got in many blue and brown transferware pieces . . . they're a feast for the eyes.

We love Art Home products . . . linen water, body creams, linen sprays . . . in California Grapefruit and Tulip scents . . . definite yum!


Backyard Candle Co. said...

Love love love it all! You will probably be seeing me this weekend!

Shab-n-Chic said...

Oooooh..that cupboard is the BEST! Good thing you aren't closer to me. It looks like a piece I saw at Anthropologie today...for a mere $12,000...how much is yours? A steal, I'm SURE!

time worn interiors said...

Please e-mail me and tell me how much that cupboard is! I love it! I can feel a trip to Iowa coming on! Do you have anything eles I would like? timeworninteriors@comcast.net

A Wild Thing said...

I heard that you have a bunch of new stuff...a little bird told me...I'll be up for bunches of pics today...my cameras charged and ready to role!

see ya...sharon