12 February 2009

Gathering Goods!

So cool - green and white glass-doored cupboard.
Old etched door with stag featured . . . unbelievable.

Vintage Prang crayon refills . . . takes you back to elementary days . . . old school.

Old milk cupboard in chippy paint perfection . . . has an "open" inside . . . great for an entertainment center.

All of us at Sisters' Garden and Bloom love the "thrill of the hunt" of all of our vintage and antique goods. We feel the "old stuff" keeps our shops always set apart . . . offering one-of-a-kinds that no other shop can duplicate. We love our jobs and love seeing you love our stores . . . it makes it all worthwhile! Our inventory changes quickly - so plan a trip to shop soon . . . so you don't miss out!


Backyard Candle Co. said...

I am so in love with your store! How has business been? Slow in our neck of the woods. I will be seein' you soon!

A Wild Thing said...

I am always amazed by the constant traffic through your doors, I especially love the ones carrying the lil' bags of soaps...ha!

You guys have a wonderful Valentines Day...LOVE TO ALL!!!

the nut

PS...I think we got a lil over an inch...way too much...argh!!!

Anita said...


Hope all is well your way. Judy and I were down last weekend but you were in FLORIDA!!!! I got lotsa Cavallini poster papers and I'll take a picture next week and show you what I'm using them for...soooo fun.

I also redid my bathroom candle on the toilet with rock salt like in your picture. We were inspired. \
\And I dug out my vintage crayons I bought and drew Vanetine's cards for my kids.

You are such an inspiration to me, my respite when things need to be quited down, and after the week I've had, you'll likely see me again soon. Maybe right after Kane.

pS- I'da kicked that girls butt (Sharon shared the story)

time worn interiors said...

Oh my, how I love that cupboard! If it's not to much trouble please e-mail me a price.
Thank you