31 August 2013

Embracing the last of summer's warm air...

We're heading toward a NEW SEASON...new activities to be excited about, new ANTICIPATIONS for the coming months. And in these last days of serious WARMTH, we are embracing all that summer offers us!!
New abalone shell wreaths are just gorgeous!
We have birdhouses and birdcages for you!
Lots of owlies in different styles are leading us in to a new season!
Give us a call at 319.683.2046 or 319.683.3020 if you have questions about all you see on our blog and Facebook page...treasures go quickly!
Be free as a bird, 
and glide away to summer's WARM air!
 This wonderful customer got a "dynamite deal" on this MAN-nequin! She just threw him under her arm and away she went!! Wish men were all that way, taking them wherever you please! :)
And please take note! We will be CLOSED on Labor Day, September 2nd, but we'll be open again Tuesday the 3rd at 11:00 am!!! We'll have lots of new treasures for you to scoop up!!! See you in SEPTEMBER!!

29 August 2013

So much to see when you come our way!

We're enjoying the last WARM moments of an EXCITING SUMMER at Sisters Garden and Bloom!!
Come by and see a little part of our WORLD!
We have friendly faces with long necks to greet you, and two stores and yards full of merchandise to have you whistling a happy tune.
We can't wait to see you when you drop in again! Whether you're from far or near, we hold you dear...We love seeing you smile as you walk in our doors, and enjoy a shopping adventure throughout our two stores! 

23 August 2013

Cupboards galore and more!

We have fantastic finds for you right now, and among all things big and small, we have lots of CUPBOARDS for your picking pleasures!!!
And lookie at this UNBELIEVABLE CHANDELIER!!!!!
The bowl itself is THREE FEET across!!
Glide along to late summer's song of gorgeous sunsets...
Color me pretty...
Iowa found...farm...built by hand...possibilities...these are a few of our favorite things.
There's always room for a harvest table.
We've been saying "Hello, Beautiful" an awful lot lately! Come by the shops in hopes of finding your perfect pieces...we'll be glad to help...and we can't wait for you to discover your favorites. See you soon!