28 April 2009

Fresh off the Truck

This is the top of an old street light. The base part of the lamp is cast iron.

Gotta come see this arched window, double door with new mirror. Better come now because it might go home with me.

Old postal drops. What could YOU do with these?

Architectural fragments, and funky green and white striped garden chairs.

New twiggy taper candleholders . . . three sizes . . . way cool.
My bleeding heart . . .
These fabulous old fluted COLUMNS were brought back from a trip to Des Moines. They came off of an OLD building there in OUR state capitol! They are amazing!

Lemon yellow cupboard . . . be BOLD . . . add a dash of color to your home!

18 April 2009

Show Time

In case you weren't able to get to our "Fresh off the Farm Spring Open House", we couldn't wait to show you! . . . . . Just a few of the treats we shower you with!!

Yummy, yummy homeade baked goods.

One very special customer brings us works of art cupcakes. They are always tasty treats, too!

16 April 2009

Spring Open House Excitement!

Both Sisters' and Bloom are just bursting with wonderful items for our Spring Open House:

Friday, April 17 and Saturday, April 18 from 10 am - 5 pm

Fabulous farm furniture, one-of-a-kinds, Amish baked goods and more surprises can't wait to go home with you!

04 April 2009

Do You Love It...?

Harvest table has great-old-paint on legs, drop leaf, with huge original hinges for the drop-down. And remember the old sap-buckets? They make great flower buckets, or in your bathroom with rolled towels in them.

Yes! The diffusers are back!! Scents include lily of the valley, paper whites, french tulip, daylilie, and our newest favorite is OLIVE LEAF

Heywood Wakefield sofa: company year is from 1826, it's in 3 pieces, the original fabric is underneath!! Very cool, VERY COLLECTABLE, probably from 1940's or 50's

Jewelry EXCLUSIVE to our store - Artist makes one-of-a-kinds with all old "found" objects and vintage pieces

Funky chandelier - gotta have it!!

Green garden goods!!