28 April 2009

Fresh off the Truck

This is the top of an old street light. The base part of the lamp is cast iron.

Gotta come see this arched window, double door with new mirror. Better come now because it might go home with me.

Old postal drops. What could YOU do with these?

Architectural fragments, and funky green and white striped garden chairs.

New twiggy taper candleholders . . . three sizes . . . way cool.
My bleeding heart . . .
These fabulous old fluted COLUMNS were brought back from a trip to Des Moines. They came off of an OLD building there in OUR state capitol! They are amazing!

Lemon yellow cupboard . . . be BOLD . . . add a dash of color to your home!


Miss Mapp said...

What a find, only trouble, you are in a different continent! What lovely lovely things.
Wishing you all the best in moving them on - though how much more wonderful to be able to keep them.

Simply Iowa said...

Interesting! Looks like fun stuff...My, how those trucks get rollin' this time of year... My little Ford thinks He's a "Freightliner" these days!
'til next time,
Barb C.

Simply Iowa said...

Thanks for the comment! Hope to see ya!
'til next time,
Barb C.

Anita said...

that arched top door is even better than you described it...way cool...see ya Tuesday...