28 May 2009

Craving Good Stuff

Don't ya need a 1950's rooster pinata? hee hee . . . cluck cluck
Set it up!

Look at this great huge cloche and "Ice Water" brown transferware pitcher

French sideboard and garden lanterns just in.

Walnut settee and other great goods

Coco Fiber Spheres - so dimensional!

The man that moves it in . . . daily . . .

Finished mantle in-store-display

19 May 2009

Colour Your World

Lily of the Valley lamp with hand-painted shade - wow!

Classic dresser with a fresh perspective.

Just in - beautifully detailed ironstone pieces.

Outdoors in, indoors out. Iron fencing sold all together.

Dreamy decor for every mood of your vintage longings.

13 May 2009

Think Outside the Box

We encourage you today, to think outside the box, and delight in the possibilities!

In fact, there are days we have trouble staying INSIDE the box!

Birdcages turned to flowercages . . . garden forks in flower frogs . . . what would you do?

Who says a cupola can't be a centerpiece?

What could you do with these two cool windows?

Challenge yourself by making old things new again!

12 May 2009

More Selections

Set of 4 iron garden chairs
Funky pink metal wardrobe

Even funkier yellowish dresser

Vintage crystal chandelier - one of our many selection of vintage chandeliers

Gotta see it - French look fabulous high-boy