28 May 2009

Craving Good Stuff

Don't ya need a 1950's rooster pinata? hee hee . . . cluck cluck
Set it up!

Look at this great huge cloche and "Ice Water" brown transferware pitcher

French sideboard and garden lanterns just in.

Walnut settee and other great goods

Coco Fiber Spheres - so dimensional!

The man that moves it in . . . daily . . .

Finished mantle in-store-display


Simply Iowa said...

Hey Missy!
The shop looks amazing! It always does! Hope to see ya soon,
Barb C

Anita said...

Looking good...those cardfoard spheres looked like morel muhsrooms for a moment....the week got away from me, but I WILL be there soon...

A Wild Thing said...

OK, Brent's an exception...he's a keeper Barb! Too cute, the muscle behind the brains...

Shop looks to die for, as usual, can't wait to come up Friday and hopefully with a truck load. I'm staying home today to mow the pasture...ha!

See ya soon! (love the settee, you're killin' me)


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hello, found you through Sharon's blog. Was wondering if you could tell me the price of your twig lights. You can email me at garden_antqs@yahoo.com Thanks, Theresa