24 August 2010

Sneak peek into our homes

In our blog post on the 29th of July, we gave you a little peek into owner Barb Hochstetler's home to see the treasures that make her happy - now on to the next with two sisters who are Sisters' Garden gals, Elaine and Erica.....

Gifts and many wonderful things have come from Sisters' over the years - surround yourself with things that make you smile - We all gather inspiration through different eyes......and Sisters' Garden is a place where you might find that certain something that makes your house your home.

19 August 2010

Always something new

Wonderfully fresh plants have just come in - ferns galore- bird's nest, mother, bear paw, rabbit's foot, and button, not to forget angel vine plants which we love.....

Old store displays are gracing the stores too, which can be used in so many ways -

Dried flower bundles like this larkspur are just so pretty and smell so good.

Isn't this tea cart darling? What will you be serving your afternoon tea on?

Spaghetti isn't just for cooking anymore

This double wash tub is great for more than simply washing -

Keep checking back in-store and online as new things are happening every day!

12 August 2010

This, that and a bit of the other

Just a sneak peek of all the changes going on in-store and outside! We can't put all the treasures online so come and check out all the wonderful things!

10 August 2010


French drying racks that would be great for coffee tables with character

All the soap dish styles you can dream of - wire, ironstone, transferware, milk glass, iron - love 'em all

Butter pats galore - I'll take one of each

Stack that concrete up - pieces don't have to match - as long as YOU love it

Come check out all the stacks and piles of interesting and useful oddities that are so much fun to get your hands on!