27 May 2010

Happiness for your home

We have lots of absolutely beautiful cupboards right now, perfect for every room of your home - this one's great for holding creamy ironstone -

More Aspen Bay candles have just arrived and they smell soooo good - scents to soothe, relax, inspire and energize you throughout the day

New displays everywhere - as items are flying out, new merchandise finds its way in

Ice cold coke anyone? 8 cute matching glasses perfect for summertime drinks

On a girls day out, these lovely ladies went exploring through our vintage clothing and accessories, picking their favorites. We just had to get a shot of them enjoying and laughing at one another! Thanks ladies! You look beeeautiful!

22 May 2010

Our Junk is Your Treasure

Wow! Love all this stuff -
Take a closer look at this metal basket and pillow - these colors are just what spring ordered

FYI - get all the half price plants you can carry before they're gone!

Aren't these European olive trees scrumptous? Yep, they're half off also!

This cute cabinet has just arrived - great for storing all your numbers - or something else
Curvy wicker vanity set - and the chair's really comfy, too!
Caldrea's watercress wild lily is a limited edition fragrance - and it's good
Everything we sell here is "as found" - you know what you're getting has lived a little

Why stack the trunks from floor to ceiling? Because it's cool!

13 May 2010

A Vintage Fetish

You never know what will come walking through our doors - Italian curve appeal -- SOLD

Many gorgeous paintings are gracing the stores -

This is the NINE foot long pew you've been wanting to see better - although you really have to see it in the store - it's cool

Mirrored door - the detailing on this is great!

Park benches are one of our favorites -

Artistic and useful - we love it! SOLD

11 May 2010

Filled to the brim with beauties

We've got the vintage fans you want and they're each so cute!

Isn't this old pine dry sink wonderful? You could use this in lots of ways -

Paper mache parrott - "Polly wanna take me home"?

This clock is vintage - so cool! And this brown chair!! Love it!

The shops are so full of great items - way too many to put on the blog - so we can't wait to see you for your next visit!

04 May 2010

Celebrating Mother!

To celebrate our mothers at Sisters' and in our newly painted store Bloom, we say she shall receive

simple gifts of artistry,

a promise of new growth

and blossoms.
We want to honor her with words of appreciation,
scents that luxuriate
and gifts that pamper.

With gifts to beautify her home and her soul

we celebrate you, our mothers for your life and love giving.