29 July 2017

Plants and Plenty

Summertime treasures are heating up here at our two stores, and some pretty plants are just part of the fun!
Plants such as string of pearls, string of bananas, snake plants, and more are gracing the stores in a hot, hot way. 
Bring some life into your decor with these fun plants!
We'll see ya when you get here! :)

04 July 2017

Happy July!

Happy July, Everyone! It's time for picnics and outdoor living...
and scents that make us swoon - like Pomegranate Citrus!
It's time for COLOR, COLOR, COLOR!
It's July! Time for summer redo's with treasures YOU LOVE!
It's time for unique dilly dallies and whosie-whatsits...
It's July! Time for "fresh cut flowers"!
In July be creative with your decor and spread your inspiring ideas with others!
July will bring many AMAZING finds! This month will be HOT with new displays, treasured surprises, and impressive new and old pieces for all of your summer living!!!