01 May 2012

Relaxing in to Spring!

Wowza! This aviary will float your boat and bring Spring in! Love, love, love!
 Gathering much loved things that remind us of all things Spring...fresh laundry, beautifully worn linens, toys, boxwood and a wonderful book...these are a few of our favorite "spring" things!
 The Lily of the Valley is blooming in the flower garden and inside too! We are happy to carry this much loved scent in perfume, bath and shower gel, hand and body lotion and soap...it's just so Spring.
 So green! Preserved boxwood wreaths in three sizes that are perfect for gift giving or giving your home a dollop of fresh color.
LONG potting table or work table perfect for projects of any kind!
Garden chairs, patio furniture, table and chair sets, park benches and so much more to get you relaxing in your outdoor oasis 
 Unbelievably relaxing scents in our candle collections such as White Tea & Thyme, Mandarin Mint, Aloha Orchid, Floral No. 5, Green Fiddlehead, Blood Orange, and Island Grapefruit (to mention a few.) You can tell we like to be taken away every once in a while.....come by to steal away for a few moments, and gather your collection of serene treasures to help you get started "relaxing in to spring"!

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MEM said...

So many treasures to enjoy. Lots of things to get us in a springy mood----now the rain needs to stop for a while! Thanks for sharing the photos.