05 November 2011

Gettin' Squirrely

We're gettin' squirrely around here with funky and fun displays all over!Burlap shade chandelier made out of glasses, odds and ends and itsy bitsy buckets of evergreens...wonky and wonderful!Papaya prospers! We have gotten many new stickers, banners, 2012 calendars, holiday cards and more - oh, do we ever love it!

Yes! A variety of twinkle lights have come in!

Ooooo cutie! Little fuzzy white owls...hoo hoo
This dresser - perfectly chippy paint - love these colorsVotivo makes us spin...new, fabulous holiday scents poured in tins, gorgeous glass, and specialty mercury glass vessels for the ultimate gifts!

We're gettin' squirrely around the shops with all the fabulous items coming in...stop by and snatch up a pile of goodies to bury in your little home for the winter!

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