29 October 2011

Busy Bees!

We have been busy bees with truckloads of goodies walking in (and running out)! We can't seem to keep up! Come and see all the unique finds - many fascintating treasures that won't last but a brief moment here before leaving for new homes to refresh, rejuvenate and renew the HOME!
OLD apothecary labels! The real deal...they are SO COOL!Uh oh...we love our laundry carts!
Yes, yes, yes! This little lamp shade is vintage glory...
You'll need to see this piece in person - it is a fantastic pink chippy paint huge dresser or buffet that is just the neatest! Loving these flash cards with several words..."in the nest", "all the birds", "looked and looked"Love this display! Check out these "basket & rope" lights - new items that can be wired easily, or just plug 'em in - hang 3 over a harvest table...yes, please! Large, vintage mailbox fronts...these would be great hanging in an office or study! Handmade gift tags that calm and inspire - these are truly part of the gift! WHAT???!!! Yep, we agree.

Come see all the amazing finds we busy bees have been haulin' in!


A Wild Thing said...

WOW, WOW, WOW...you never cease to amaze...love those chairs, you make it soooo hard to scale back...OK, I won't.

Everyone LOVES the new cupboard in the shop, it's a perfect fit!

See ya soon!

Georgia Gibbons said...

I love soaking up all of your goodness. Thanks for being so generous with the camera.