14 January 2014

Blow on into Sisters Garden and Bloom!

It's a blustery winter's day here at Sisters Garden and Bloom, but we've got freshness and warmth inside our stores!! After the holidays, the transforming powers always come this time of year, and we're READY for it!!
New displays and new finds are arriving every day now to refresh in anticipation of warmer days ahead!
We have tidbits,
and big bits, 
and one-of-a-kind bits ready for you! We love what you love, and can't wait to help you in all your January new-do's you've been dreaming of before the holidays! A chance for a blank slate to be painted with a new masterpiece!!!
Make it a little winter adventure to Sisters and Bloom, where you never know what you may find, but when you discover that special something, you know it's been found.

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