06 March 2013

A case of the February's...

Okay, okay, so it's not February anymore - we're already right on our way in to March!! But we have a case of the backtrackin' February's with all this snow...so we're doing some spring cleaning and refreshing renewals around here!!! Up and at 'em, rally the troops, things are disappearing so we're haulin' in today! We love a ferocious tornado of bringing in the goods!
More than a pocket of posies...we like bucketfuls...
Baker's displays just in, along with all shapes and sizes of various furniture we just can't get enough of!
Pepsi love! Old ice cooler with this Pepsi-Cola bottle opener...isn't this simply sublime?! Perfect for a wedding or celebration, the kitchen, or even the man cave! What fun!!!
Petite glass chandelier that is perfect when just a little glamour is needed.
Mushrooms, moss and garlands...we're thinking forest fresh. No case of the February's when you're dreaming of green!
New little iron bird crowns have arrived in a variety of colors...we can't resist these!
New varieties of pillows adorn one-of-a-kind furniture like this glorious, originally upholstered, small loveseat to add that special sparkle...these will kick the February right outta ya!
Stop by this week for all the finds as we celebrate March!!! Much to see, much to be done, much to embrace as we prepare for Spring!

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Mya.L said...

The bird crown is lovely (so is the rest)!