29 December 2012

Take Time...

A torn page found in a dresser with a poem full of meaning entitled "Take Time"
Take Time to think...It is the source of power.
Take Time to play...It is the secret of perpetual youth.
Take Time to read...It is the fountain of wisdom.
Take Time to pray...It is the greatest power on earth.
Take Time to love and be loved...It is a God-given privilege.
Take Time to be friendly...It is the road to happiness.
Take Time to laugh...It is the music of the soul.
Take Time to give...It is too short a day to be selfish.
Take Time to work...It is the price of success.
Take Time to do charity...It is the key to heaven.
We girls at Sisters' and Bloom are wishing you the healthiest and happiest new year! We're welcoming in 2013 with much excitement, reflection, renewals, new do's and hope! More inspirations and ideas, more classics and quirky, more funky and fabulous coming your way to celebrate life! Take Time...and Happy New Year!!!

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