01 December 2012

It's December...Christmastime is Here!!!

We're bringing in all things to trim the trees, deck the halls, ring the bells, and spread the joy! Christmas ornaments, bottle brush trees, old postcards, and unique flower frogs are just a few items that are coming in to bring Christmas cheer!
Slender black table to use anywhere, an old diamond window, an awesome architectural piece, wooly sheep, and a sign that reads "cold"...I'll take it all!
Always a space for an ice cream parlor chair :)
Wowza! Old crate with original glass lemonade bottles - real deal goodness!
Metal and iron flower chandelier - a most sincere love...
Glittered eggs in the palest of blues...
Well, slap my knee and call me Judy! This old green cupboard is simply fabulous! Two doors that can be attached instead of open shelving, and LOTS of room for loads of goodies...like great Christmas displays? Yes, please!!! Stick that baby under the tree!

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