08 December 2012

Good Things for Girls and Boys!

We have good things for girls and boys...like these great Seedling packages all bundled up, ready to go! And who out there is a Yoyo pro? Gotta love those classic presents that never go out of style!
Lots of fantastic new and vintage games and toys for young and old girls and boys!
Cavallini papers are a fabulous way to give with thoughtfulness and beauty...they also would be a fun stocking stuffer, or a little something extra for the perfect gift...so many possibilities! 
Green aluminum tree - can't get much better than that!
Oh stinkin'! Loving this display...love everything in it! From top to bottom a huge vintage Imperial Clothes Glanzman's store sign, olive branches, buckets, classic bicycle, vintage railroad signs from a Chicago train station, frenchy cast iron window, plushy pillows, the coolest long and tall steel table, movie reels, magnolia, mirrors and urns. Seriously, what more could you ask for?!
Old muffin tin filled with good things!
OLD ornaments!
Joie de Noel Votivo candles in the perfect boxes for gift giving with a pretty bow!
Touches of snow...
We can't wait for you to see all the changes happening as we keep bringing the BEST things for good girls and boys! Find your joy at Sisters and Bloom this holiday...and make your house a home of welcoming and merriment!

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