31 October 2009

Gifts for you. Gifts for them. Gifts of love.

White chenille trees just came in! Love 'em!

Goin' to the chapel . . .
These new feather ornaments are great fun . . . white feathers inside each ornament!

Cascade wreaths . . . framed in the richness of an old, gold frame
Clear and silvery grapes . . . just fabulous!

2010 Calendars are here!


Vanessa Kiki Johanning said...

Thanks for sharing! I was looking for some inspiration and after spending the last hour on your beautiful blog, I feel blessed and so excited to see all your stuff!
I must plan a trip out to see your cool store next summer! (From WI)

Stay Warm!!



Simply Iowa said...

I love'em too! I bought some from you, a year or two back, and they make me smile, everytime I see them! Your Store is Amazing, mine...not so much... I am sick, I will miss your Open House, Dale and I are doing a Show in Indiana, that weekend!!! I have never missed your Holiday Open House...I am very sad... Hope you can make it to mine. The 'Collector's Journal', picked my dates...Surprise... I had no idea, until a customer called me about it...I believe they decided it would be November 14th and 15th... I hope I can pull it off!
Barb C.

A Wild Thing said...

Hey...how did I miss this stuff, cause the batteries were dead maybe...see ya soon with a bunch of new furniture...